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Location Renewal fee
Resident in UK £16.00
Resident elsewhere in Europe £18.00
Resident elsewhere including USA £20.00

Membership Renewal - 2012

Many annual membership subscriptions are due on the 1st of April. Renewal membership rates are shown in the following table.

There is the option to renew for more than 1 year. Up to five years may be taken at the current rate.

Please note: All payments must be in GB pounds

Renewal payment methods

By cheque

Payment may be made by UK cheque payable to MERG. Please put your membership number on the reverse of your cheque, and send to the Membership Secretary.

By PayPal / Credit Card

By PAYPAL by sending your payment to paypal@merg.co.uk

You must quote your membership number AND your full name so that we can match it to you. This is a cheaper way for you to send in your payment because you do not need a stamp and its always the best way when you are located overseas from the UK. Please email the Membership Secretary to let him know you have sent payment.