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MERG - Vacancies

The Group continues to expand to offer the benefits to an ever wider cross section of railway modellers. The benefits include the web site, technical bulletins, kits, quarterly journal, area groups, training, and readily available assistance, together with the opportunity to meet other members. New ideas are emerging that require extra help to deliver even more benefits for our members. Could you contribute to our continued success by volunteering some time and skills to help the team that runs MERG?

We welcome help from all ages but volunteering can be particularly fulfilling for those who are retired.

It is not just for the annual election of the full Committee that we need new volunteers. The Committee has decided that for reasons of continuity and security the various tasks can be broken down to offer opportunities to participate or to act as understudies for the main positions. In addition, there are sometimes opportunities during the year for less formal help to be given to smaller projects.

The main roles have formal "task descriptions" and others are more flexible to match the time commitment and skills of the individual.

New volunteers are essential both to bring new ideas and to lessen the burden on those who have already donated many hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of hours in making the Group what it is today. It is essential to preserve the work/life balance of people providing the services as the workload for existing officers is inevitably increasing as MERG gets bigger.

So, if you would like to explore what is involved in a specific role, or simply want to investigate whether you could contribute in some way, why not get in touch?

Currently we have two significant vacancies - one due to volunteer retirements and the other to help the increased load on our kit supplies..


The role includes:

  • Seeking nominations for membership of the Managing Committee
  • Seeking and proposing person(s) to examine the group’s accounts and records
  • Convening the Annual General Meeting, any Special General Meetings, and all Managing Committee Meetings of the Group, providing the Agenda and keeping Minutes thereof
  • Publishing with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting the names, and where appropriate election statements, of nominees for the Managing Committee, and the name of the proposed auditor
  • Obtaining speakers, equipment, and booking the accommodation for the meetings at Keen House, London the MERG headquarters
  • General administration and maintaining the ORG files that record the charter, rules, duties of committee members, and other essential information

Full details are available - please contact us if you are interested in this role.

Kit Locker Inventory Manager

We are struggling in the Kit Locker trying to keep up with demand for kits and many will have noticed, and indeed have complained about, the high level of kits that get out of stock. The principal reason for this is the explosion in kit sales over the last 10 years where an initial annual turnover of £7000pa in 2005 is now approaching 10 times that amount. Whereas we are graced with a good number of volunteers prepared to spend their time in packing these kits, the operation is constrained by the need to find time to requisition kit batches from volunteers, distribute items such as printed circuit boards, Integrated circuits and those other components that MERG buys in bulk to keep prices down and to administer other aspects of what is becoming a business in its own right. These latter duties are concentrated in the hands of the Kit Sales Manager, Judi Rastall who often spends 4 – 5 hours a day just filling kit orders and in this we owe her a huge debt of gratitude.

The time has come to explore ways and means to spread this load and so the Committee has now authorised the establishment of a Kit Locker Inventory Manager to work in liaison with Judi, the Treasurer and the rest of the Kit Production team. This person will manage and monitor the resourcing of materials used for kit sales such as components, power supplies, printed circuit boards and kit batches in order to ensure that stocks are held at levels suitable for good service to members.

It is expected that this role will be conducted by someone who is organised, pragmatic and thorough and has a keen eye for consistency and neatness. As with all our volunteers, he/she would have the ability to judge fair return on investment of time and effort and be willing to work in the team. The individual should be able to work mostly from home without being over-burdened.

It is expected that the role would evolve through input from the Inventory Manager as it will need the establishment of an effective virtual sales admin network, the foundation for which we already have in MERG.

In general the Inventory Manager will

  • Review and monitor stock levels using the Kit Sales software and the Kit Locker Index.
  • Run a reordering process working with the Kit Sales Manager and kit producer volunteers.
  • Work with our component and PCB suppliers to order supplies, monitor deliveries, monitor passage of invoices to Treasurer and subsequent payment. Liaise with kit producer volunteers over deliveries of PCBs and bulk components from suppliers
  • Raise Kit Producer Requisitions for kit batches and monitor receipt of kits, updating Kit Sales applications.
  • Work with the Technical Support Manager to update kit parts lists where sources are identified as changing.
  • Manage the annual stock take and stock level return to the Treasurer.

He/she should be

  • Numerate, logical and able to use computers and be generally familiar with Excel and Word apps.
  • Familiar with electronic components and Printed Circuit Boards, how they are packaged and sold.
  • Familiar with the MERG Kit Locker range and pricing.
  • Able to use the MERG Kit Sales software application in order to raise Purchase Orders, update stock levels, monitor and review received Invoices prior to submission for payment.

This promises to be an interesting and exciting new role in MERG and it ought to appeal to any number of people with a background in such administration. It goes without saying that it will become fundamentally important to the future success of the Kit Locker as it continues to grow.

If you would like to volunteer for consideration or to get more detail of the role then please contact Martin Perry, Vice Chairman and Technical Support Manager

Last updated: 17-Jan-2017