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Circuit creating and editing notes from

To add a new component to the circuit, click the right mouse button on an unused area of the window. This will bring up a menu that allows you to select what component you want. Then click where you want the first terminal of the component, and drag to where you want the other terminal. The menu items allow you to create:

Also in the "Other" submenu, there are some items that allow you to click and drag sections of the circuit around. Save your work before trying these.

The File menu allows you to import or export circuit description files. Java security restrictions usually prevent an applet from writing files to a user's computer. So instead, when you select the File->Export menu item, the applet brings up a window containing the description file for the circuit, which you can copy and paste into another application. You can paste the file back into the window later and click Import to load it.

The Reset button resets the circuit to a reasonable state. The Stopped checkbox allows you to stop the simulation. The Simulation Speed slider allows you to adjust the speed of the simulation. If the simulation isn't time-dependent (that is, if there are no capacitors, inductors, or time-dependent voltage sources), then this won't have any effect. The Current Speed slider lets you adjust the speed of the dots, in case the currents are so weak (or strong) that the dots are moving too slowly (or too quickly).

To edit one of the scope views, click the right mouse button on it to view a menu. The menu items allow you to remove a scope view, speed up or slow down the display, adjust the scale, select what value(s) you want to view, etc.

Here are some errors you might encounter when using the simulator: