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-====== Shuttle Demo - ATC & CSR4 ====== 
-The shuttle module or ATC (Automatic Train Controller) MERG Kit 46, comes preprogrammed with a number of different configurations,​ selectable using an on board 4 way DIL switch. The track on this [[exhibition_stand|demonstration]] board is a symetrical arrangement that allows all of these configurations and the module cycles through these.\\ The track is Kato Unitrack, the points have integral motors using a two wire arrangement where the direction of current flow determines direction in which the points are set. The points here are driven by PD3s, MERG Kits 37a & 37b. 
-==== Configurations for the ATC ==== 
-  - A: End to end, plain track with stopping place at each end. 
-  - B: 2 ends to 1 end, 2 stopping places at one end, with a single stopping place at the other. 
-  - C: 2 ends to 2 ends, 2 stopping places at each end with plain track between. 
-  - D: 3 ends to 1 end, 3 stopping places, hidden sidings maybe, at one end and a single stopping place the other. 
-  - E: End to end with passing loop, stopping place at each end, with 2 further stopping places in the loops, island platform maybe. 
-==== Wiring arrangements ==== 
-The ATC module has two track outputs designated '​End'​ and '​Intermediate'​. For a simple end to end no other modules are needed, the two end sections are isolated in both rails and the '​End'​ output connected to these, the '​Intermediate'​ output is connected to the remainder of the track, observing correct polarity throughout.\\ 
-For any configuration with more than 2 ends, some switching is required, this is achieved using the CSR4 (Cab Select Relay x 4) module. This has 8 relays arranged in pairs providing a means of switching either of the ATC outputs or none (off) to each of 4 supplementary outputs. This gives provision for 4 stopping places or ends which may be at any one time off, end or intermediate. 
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