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Shuttle Demo - ATC & CSR4

The shuttle module or ATC (Automatic Train Controller) comes preprogrammed with a number of different configurations, selectable using an on board 4 way DIL switch. The track on this demonstration board is a symetrical arrangement that allows all of these configurations and the module cycles through these.

Configurations for the ATC

  1. A: End to end, plain track with stopping place at each end.
  2. B: 2 ends to 1 end, 2 stopping places at one end, with a single stopping place at the other.
  3. C: 2 ends to 2 ends, 2 stopping places at each end with plain track between.
  4. D: 3 ends to 1 end, 3 stopping places, hidden sidings maybe, at one end and a single stopping place the other.
  5. E: End to end with passing loop, stopping place at each end, with 2 further stopping places in the loops, island platform maybe.

Wiring arrangements

The ATC module has two track outputs designated 'End' and 'Intermediate'. For a simple end to end no other modules are needed, the two end sections are isolated in both rails and the 'End' output connected to these, the 'Intermediate' output is connected to the remainder of the track, observing correct polarity throughout.
For any configuration with more than 2 ends, some switching is required, this is achieved using the CSR4 (Cab Select Relay x 4) module. This has 8 relays arranged in pairs providing a means of switching either of the ATC outputs or none (off) to each of 4 supplementary outputs. This gives provision for 4 stopping places or ends which may be at any one time off, end or intermediate.

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