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 Layout control bus, see [[https://​​merg_resources/​cbus.php|CBUS resources page]]\\ ​ Layout control bus, see [[https://​​merg_resources/​cbus.php|CBUS resources page]]\\ ​
 Public Wiki area for [[public:​cbuspublic:​start|CBUS]]\\ ​ Public Wiki area for [[public:​cbuspublic:​start|CBUS]]\\ ​
 +Communications Device Class \\ A class of [[glossary_u#​usb|USB]] device. If A USB device identifies itself as a CDC it is telling the host that it is (or emulates) a USB to serial converter. Windows uses this to know it should create a [[glossary_v#​vcp|VCP]],​ Windows 10 additionally uses this to determine that it should load it's own drivers. ​
 ===== CDU ===== ===== CDU =====
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