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-DC or direct current, usually from a 12v supply, is the traditional method of controlling and powering model locomotives by varying the voltage supplied to the track. +The traditional method of controlling and powering model locomotives ​is by gradually ​varying the ("​analogue"​) ​voltage supplied to the track, usually from a 12v DC ("​Direct Current"​) supply, with the motor in the locomotive simply connected to the track via the wheelsThis method has become known as DC or Analogue Control to distinguish it from Digital Command Control (DCC). ​    \\ To have more than one working locomotive on a layout usually requires some form of track sectioning which provides, as a by-product, a means of locating trains, help finding track and wiring faults and some interlocking against collisions. ​    \\ State-of-the-art digital electronic and IT techniques are applicable in DC Control too.     \\ Some reasons you might use DC/analogue control rather than DCC, especially for a small, personal layout: 
- +  * You already have a DC/analogue controlled layout and/or a lot of non-DCC locos. 
 +  * You enjoy/​understand electronics and  
 +    * don't want to pay someone else to provide circuitry 
 +    * want to avoid the complexity of fault-finding in DCC. 
 +    * are attracted by the challenge of making a model railway perform well. 
 +  * The DCC learning curve looks daunting. 
 +  * The potential lack of freedom with DCC. There will be a procedure prescribed for most things that you want to do. 
 +  * The potential extra cost of DCC hardware, software and support.
 ===== DCC ===== ===== DCC =====
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