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 [[https://​​wiki/​Equivalent_series_resistance|Equivalent Series Resistance]] [[https://​​wiki/​Equivalent_series_resistance|Equivalent Series Resistance]]
 +__E__vent __V__ariable a [[glossary:​glossary_c#​cbus|CBUS]] term referring to a value which controls the action to be taken by a '​consumer'​ module when a specific event is received. One or more EVs are associated with each event that a module should respond to. As an example in the CANACC8 there are two EVs per event, in the first a set (1) bit indicates that the associated output is affected and normally follows the '​state'​ of the event. The second EV is a modifier and any set (1) bit that matches EV1 will invert the action for that output. So if the two EVs for a given event were 00000011 & 00000010 then on receipt of that event output 1 would assume the '​state'​ defined by the event while output 2 would assume the inverse.
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