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Glossary E

Electro frog

Is a Peco term for live (power) frog Turnout (Switch or Points),which some people call power-routing.
Wiring a Peco 3 way point

Electro magnet

A coil of wire in air or on a former that if current is passed through the wire a magnetic field will be produced


A Discharge of high voltage Static Electricity that can destroy some types of semi-conductor components. Often caused by friction with a good insulator, such as synthetic clothing in a dry atmosphere.

MERG kit building instructions offer advise such as the following:-

While most modern Integrated Circuits (ICs) are reasonably protected from static electricity, today’s centrally-heated houses, & man-made fibres used in carpets (and underwear!) can cause significant static charge to build up as you move around. Before opening any kit, wear an earth strap or touch a nearby radiator or other earthed metal, and then stay seated while you open and assemble the kit. Leave all the (ICs) in their protective packaging until ready to insert into their sockets.

Electrostatic discharge


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