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 [[start|Return to main Glossary index]] [[start|Return to main Glossary index]]
 +==== JAL ===
 +Just Another Language
 +This is a language for programming PIC chips. All the PMP kits that use PIC chips are programmed using this language. It is an excellent way of getting into programming these devices to assist conltrol of items on your layout.
 +See http://​​
 ===== Java ===== ===== Java =====
-This is a Software ​programming system ​by Sun Microsystems ​    \\ [[|http://​]] ​ \\  +This is a software ​programming system ​popular with web site developers and web based application developers. The end user must have a Java runtime package loaded on their computer and integrated to their web browser to utilize Java applications. ​ Java runtime packages can be obtained from as Java Standard Edition JDK, or as open source from as OpenJDK.  
-[[|]]+\\ [[http:///​java/​technologies/​|]] ​ \\  
 +\\ [[http://​|http://​]] ​ \\ 
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-Java Model Railroad Interface: The main information on this open source software initiativeThere is a Yahoo Group providing support    ​\\ [[http://​|http://​]] ​ \\  +The Java Model Railroad Interface ​(JMRI) project is building control and automation tools for model railroad computer controlJMRI is intended as web interface for hobbyists who want to control their layouts with a computer without having to create an entire software system from scratchJMRI has interfaces to many popular model railroad system, including train control from the MERG group. 
-[[|http://​​group/​jmriusers/​files]] +\\ [[http://​|http://​]] ​ \\  
 +[[|JMRI User Group on]]
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