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 ===== Matrix ===== ===== Matrix =====
 +[[http://​​wiki/​Diode_matrix|Wikipedea article]]\\ ​
 +[[:​helpsystem:​matrix|Main article]] available to MERG Members only.
-[[:helpsystem:​matrix|Main article]] +===== Memory Wire ===== 
- +Wire made from a special alloy which changes its molecular structure at a certain temperature causing it to shrink. This effect can usefully be applied to point and signal actuation. Some types require a tension spring to pull it back to its original length while others will return unaided, although a spring is still required to keep the wire tight, it can only pull when shrinking, it cannot push.\\  
 +[[https://​​wiki/​Shape-memory_alloy|Wikipedia ​article]]\\  
 +See also TBs: [[http://​​merg_tbs/​download.php?​fileid=919&​userid=62|G19/​01]], ​ 
 +[[https://​​merg_tbs/​download.php?​fileid=923|G23/​01]] &  
 +[[https://​​merg_tbs/​download.php?​fileid=924|G23/​02]].\\ ​
 ===== Microprocessor ===== ===== Microprocessor =====
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 +===== MOMS ====
 +MERG Online Membership System - MERG's membership management system - used by Members to manage their contact details and renew membership and by the Membership Secretary for administration purposes. Available via the MERG Forum [[https://​​forum/​index.php|{{:​glossary:​moms-link-01.png?​nolink|}}]]
 +===== Monostable =====
 +An electronic circuit that has a single (mono) stable state and an unstable state, an input will cause the circuit to assume the unstable state, when the input signal is removed and after a predictable delay the circuit will return to the stable state. This behaviour is the basis of most timer circuits.
 ===== MOSFET ===== ===== MOSFET =====
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