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-Zero 1 Forum on MERG here:- http://​​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=73+[[https://​​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=73|MERG Zero 1 Forum]]
-Technical Bulletin CC1/12 ZERO-1 Master Controller Replacement Keyboard (Kit instructions) ​here:- \\ http://​​forum/​tb_download.php?​f=CC01_12_2.pdf+[[https://​​merg_tbs/​download.php?​fileid=838|Technical Bulletin CC1/12]] ZERO-1 Master Controller Replacement Keyboard (Kit instructions).
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 Wikipedia entries here:- http://​​wiki/​Hornby_Zero_1#​Hornby_Zero_1 Wikipedia entries here:- http://​​wiki/​Hornby_Zero_1#​Hornby_Zero_1
 +===== ZIF socket =====
 +Zero Insertion Force socket.
 +A device used for holding Integrated Circuits, such as PICs, during programming,​ it has a lever which acts on one side of each pin receptacle so that the pin may be gripped or free to move. The IC is inserted in the open position when it can be dropped in without any force, the lever is then operated to grip the pins so making good electrical contact, when it is required to remove the IC the lever is de-operated and the IC is free to move.
 ===== ZIMO ===== ===== ZIMO =====
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