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Hysteresis Loop - RPC Demonstration

The track on this demo is divided into 8 sections, these are monitored for occupation using a DTC, MERG Kit 56. The two points are driven using PMR1 kits, one is clearly visible in the foreground of the photo, mounted on the point motors are switches which are used to feed back the actual point position via a SRI4 kit. The signals, which are for demonstration only and are not intended to be scale models, consist for the most part of 4 LEDs which are individually driven by a SRO4 kit. The loco is DCC fitted and is driven from a custom built DCC Command station, not available as a kit. All the modules, with the obvious exception of the PMR1s, are contained within a control box which is connected to the demo by three cables, two of which are visible in the photo. The PMR1, SRI4 & SRO4 kits are part of a range known as RPC (Remote Panel Control) and were designed before the Kit Locker existed in its current form and as a consequence are only available from Gordon Hopkins.

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