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Superbloc BC3 Demonstration

This demonstration cabinet contains an oval of track which is divided into 4 sections. Each of these is controlled by a BC3, MERG Kit 38. These are arranged for anticlockwise travel, if on entering a section the section in advance is occupied then the train will be brought to a halt. There are also 4 signals which reflect the status on the section in advance, these are driven by SD2s MERG Kit 36.
BloNg the original idea
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The traction for this demo is being converted to use 4 x ATC Kit 45, made into one unit and configured as a four section “shuffle” system. The system detects when a train enters a section and stops the train for a short time until the section in front is clear. As this requires one section always to be empty, a four section shuffle can only have a maximum of three trains on the circle of track, each one occupying one section of the track. This means that the first train moves into the empty section, then the second train moves into the now empty first section followed by the the third train moving into the section vacated by the second train. The first train then moves into the section vacated by the third train, and so on ad infinitum. The signals will use the original SDS2 boards (kit 36), by using a trigger taken from each section of the ATC system to indicate to the signals that a section is occupied.

Nb.This is still being worked on at present.

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