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 ==== Meetings ==== ==== Meetings ====
-**Next Hemel Hempstead meeting is February 19th 2020 7:30 pm **\\ 
-Location: Hemel Hempstead MRC, see link below\\ ​ 
-**Next Eaton Bray meeting is to be confirmed - scheduled March meeting postponed ​**\\  +**All physical meetings are cancelled until the end of the Coronavirus19 lockdown.**\\
-Location: Eaton Bray Village Hall, see link below\\ +
-**Next workshop is Saturday April 25th 2020 9:30 am **\\ +**We plan to use Zoom Tele-meetings which will be used in their place **\\ 
-Location: Hemel Hempstead MRC, see link below\\+**This is the programme for the first half of 2020.**\\
 +**15th April Zoom Tele-meeting 7.30 pm Getting started with Zoom, and anything you would like to show or discuss.**\\
 +**20th May  Zoom Tele-meeting 7.30 pm Discussion and trouble shooting. Please have something you have built and would like to show the group and/or something that you cannot get to work. **\\
 +**17th June Zoom Tele-meeting 7.30 pm Everything you want to know about CAN-MIO with guest speaker Pete Brownlow (tbc)**\\
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