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 +<WRAP notice round centeralign>​
 ====== MERG Three Counties Area Group ====== ====== MERG Three Counties Area Group ======
 +=====Bucks, Beds and Herts =====
 +<WRAP box round centeralign button>
 +[[:​public:​areagroups|Area Groups]] [[:​public:​start|Public pages]] [[https://​​index.php|MERG Home page]] </​WRAP>​
-[[public:areagroups|Return to Area Groups News]]\\  +<WRAP box round centeralign>​ 
-[[:public:start|Index to other public pages]]\\  +{{:public:ealing_road.jpg?​nolink&​380|}} {{:public:ealing_road_2.jpg?​nolink&​400|}} 
-[[https://​​index.php|MERG ​Home page]]\\  +</​WRAP>​ 
-==== Email ====+===== How do I contact the Area Group ===== 
 +<WRAP help round button>  
 +[[https://​​areagroup.php?area=18|MERG Three Counties Area Group contact form]] 
 +===== Who is the leader of the group? =====
-To send us an email, [[https://​​areagroup.php?​area=18|use the MERG Area Group contact form]]\\  +<WRAP info round>  
-For MERG members, you might also like to look at our [[https://​​forum/viewforum.php?​f=109|area group forum.]]+\\ 
 +Chris Langdon 
-==== Secretary ​====+===== Would like to join today? =====
-Christopher Langdon M336 \\ Kevin Blake M3207+<WRAP tip round> 
 +Not a member? then <WRAP button>​[[https://​​membership.php|Join MERG Here]]</​WRAP>​ and sign up to this Area Group. If you are already a member <WRAP button>​[[https://​​membership/​areagroups.php|Join the Three Counties Area Group]]</​WRAP>​ 
 +Select **Three Counties Area Group** from the drop down list in **Other Area Groups** and press the **Subscribe to Area Group** button. 
 +</​WRAP> ​   ​
-==== Meetings ​====+===== How do you meet? ===== 
 +<WRAP info round> ​
 +Whilst restrictions are in place, we are using Zoom video calls. ​
-**All physical meetings are cancelled until the end of the Coronavirus19 lockdown.**\\+Previously we met at three different locations: -
-**We plan to use Zoom Tele-meetings which will be used in their place **\\ 
-**This is the programme for the first half of 2020.**\\ 
-**15th April Zoom Tele-meeting 7.30 pm Getting started with Zoom, and anything you would like to show or discuss.**\\ 
-**20th May  Zoom Tele-meeting 7.30 pm Discussion and trouble shooting. Please have something you have built and would like to show the group and/or something that you cannot get to work. **\\ 
-**17th June Zoom Tele-meeting 7.30 pm Everything you want to know about CAN-MIO with guest speaker Pete Brownlow (tbc)**\\ 
-**Further meeting dates (assume Zoom until advised otherwise) 8th July,12th August,9th September,​14th October,​11th November, 9th December **\\ 
-All Zoom meetings start at 7.30 pm and finish around 9.00 pm. 
-==== Meeting locations ==== 
 Eaton Bray Village Hall\\ ​ Eaton Bray Village Hall\\ ​
  ​Church Lane, Eaton Bray, Dunstable, LU6 2DJ\\   ​Church Lane, Eaton Bray, Dunstable, LU6 2DJ\\ 
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 \\ \\
-==== Links ====+Meetings include some or all of the following:​\\ 
 +  * A presentation ​  
 +  * A session on a group project ​  
 +  * A practical workshop. 
 +===== And the Next Meeting? ​===== 
 +<WRAP info round>  
 +===== Where Have I Seen Ealing Road? ===== 
 +<WRAP info round> 
 +<WRAP centeralign>​{{:​public:​ealing_road_by_knickerbocker.jpg?​nolink&​600|}} </​WRAP>​ 
 +The group supplied expertise and manpower to mount an entry to the 'Great Model Railway Challenge'​ and Missenden Modellers as its identity (the Bucks County adult education centre at Great Missenden offers railway modelling courses). Their '​Ealing Road' layout featured MERG components and has subsequently been exhibited on a number of occasions and featured in the Model Railway press (an edition of British Railway Modeller). A description of this (and other MERG related entries to the challenge) appeared in the MERG journal Vol 52 December 2018. 
-[[:​helpsystem:​coordinators|Help page for coordinators]] 
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