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MERG Cardiff Area Group


To send us an email, use the MERG Cardiff Area Group contact form
For MERG members, you might also like to look at our area group forum.


M5227 Tim Coombs is the current AG secretary.


The next Cardiff area group meeting will be at 7:30pm on Tuesday, 5th December, at my house in Rhiwbina, Cardiff. All members welcome. Note that I am rotating the days of the week when meetings are held to to give members who may not be able to attend a particular fixed day of the week a chance to come along. There is easy access from J32 of the M4, and bus stops for Nos. 21 and 23 nearby. If you are planning to come, please email me at as this will help me plan and and I can also respond with detailed directions.

Agenda: 1. Feedback on Swansea and Cardiff Shows 2. Progress on members projects. 3. General discussion of MERG kits, construction methods and model railways. 4. AOB

I will have a computer and VDU on hand if anyone has material they would like to show, I suggest you bring such material on a USB stick.


Tim - Cardiff area co-ordinator

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