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Introduction to CBUS - weekend course

29th to 31st May 2021 (Rushden) (Postponed from 27th to 29th March 2021)

It became clear that we cannot have confidence that things will have become safe enough, with restrictions lifted sufficiently, to run this course on the March 2021 date we had originally hoped.

So we have taken the difficult decision to reschedule it yet again to the date in late May as shown above.

This date replaces that originally scheduled for March 2020, and all bookings for that course will be honoured for this one. If you already have such a booking, you will be contacted by email with latest updates.

The course will take place in the “Goods Shed” meeting room at the Rushden Transport Museum & Railway, Rushden Station, Northamptonshire.

For those just starting out in CBUS, this weekend course will take you from first principles through building CBUS kits to setting up CBUS operations.

The course takes place over the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) with an optional extra workshop day on the Monday, to apply what was learnt over the weekend. The course will start with arrivals from 4pm on Friday evening.

We also have an optional follow-on practical workshop day on Monday 29th March. This will be a practical workshop day for you to apply the knowledge learnt over the weekend. You can work on whatever you wish, with assistance from the tutors, such as building and setting up CBUS modules.

This course assumes no previous knowledge of CBUS.

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to CBUS principles
  • CBUS theory and practice - use with DC or DCC
  • The various CBUS modules that are available – including latest designs
  • Building and testing CBUS kits – practical workshop sessions
  • Building CBUS modules that are not yet available as kits
  • Wiring and power supply arrangements for CBUS
  • Setting up CBUS using SLiM and FLiM.
  • Connecting CBUS to a computer
  • Using the FLiM Config Program (FCU)
  • Setting up the modules, teaching events
  • Building control panels for CBUS
  • CBUS in action
  • The MERG DCC system – integrating with CBUS

Bookings are open now, you can download the enrolment form below.

You can download more details below:

Details for Introduction to CBUS course 2021

Enrolment form for Introduction to CBUS course 2021

These courses are organised by a group of MERG members for the benefit of other MERG members and railway modellers in general. Your booking is directly with the course organisers, not with MERG itself.

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