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-It became clear that we cannot have confidence that things will have become safe enough, with restrictions lifted sufficiently, to run this course on the 2021 dates we had originally hoped.+This course will now finally run on this date.
-So we have taken the difficult decision to reschedule it yet again to the date in late June as shown above. This is after the date when the government hopes to have lifted all restrictions, so we are all hoping we can run the course then.+This date would have been after the original date for the lifting of Covid restrictions, but as you will no doubt be aware, the full relaxation of restrictions has been deferred until July.
-All bookings for postponed dates in 2020 and 2021 will be honoured for this oneIf you already have such bookingyou will be contacted by email with latest updates+We have studied the regulations closely, and discussed this with the venueWe can go ahead with this course under the current regulations, provided we comply with all the Covid requirements. 
 +There is specific exemption from the "rule of 6" for meeting indoorswhich applies to training. 
 +We will fully comply with the various Covid rules, including seating 2m apart, wearing a mask when moving around indoors, keeping windows open for ventilation and following the track and trace requirements, with the NHS track and trace barcode available for scanning. We will limit attendees to 6 to allow sufficient distancing. Further, the vast majority, if not all, of those attending, including the tutors, have had both vaccinations. 
 +Those who have bookings on this course can either attend on this date, or you can defer to when we run the course again later if you prefer.
 The course will take place in the “Goods Shed” meeting room at the Rushden Transport Museum & Railway, Rushden Station, Northamptonshire. The course will take place in the “Goods Shed” meeting room at the Rushden Transport Museum & Railway, Rushden Station, Northamptonshire.
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