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 Whilst restrictions are in place, we are using Zoom video calls. ​ Whilst restrictions are in place, we are using Zoom video calls. ​
-We plan to meet in Kendal when circumstances permit.+Currently we are polling members for their views on the best days and times for Zoom meetings.
-We particularly ​invite members ​who where part of an original Cumbria initiative ​that we have been unable ​to trace.+The invite ​to vote went out at around 13:15BST to members ​that had signed up before 12:58BST 09/08/20. 
 +There'​s plenty ​of time for others to sign up and vote, I'll try to make sure of a prompt email of the poll link to any that wish to sign up. 
 +The meeting will allow us to meet each other; agree, what we want from the group and put proposals for the first schedule of meetings with times dates and content. 
 +We welcome new members.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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 <WRAP tip round> <WRAP tip round>
 \\ \\
-[[https://​​groups/​233828373320525/|Border Railway Society (Carlisle)]]\\+[[https://​​boarderrailwaysociety/|Border Railway Society (Carlisle)]]\\
 [[http://​​|Carlisle and District 0 Gauge Group]]\\ [[http://​​|Carlisle and District 0 Gauge Group]]\\
 [[http://​​pages/​Derwent-Railway-Society/​1566891090226087|Derwent Railway Society]]\\ [[http://​​pages/​Derwent-Railway-Society/​1566891090226087|Derwent Railway Society]]\\
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 [[http://​​|Kendal Model Railway Club]]\\ [[http://​​|Kendal Model Railway Club]]\\
 [[http://​​|Millom Railway and Scale Modellers]]\\ [[http://​​|Millom Railway and Scale Modellers]]\\
 +===== How do Video Calls Work? =====
 +<WRAP round info>
 +To participate,​ members need a mobile phone, tablet or a PC / Mac with a camera and microphone. ​
 +Calls are scheduled in advance and members are informed as to time and date via MERG systems. A meeting number and password are provided.
 +When it is time to start a call, a voice and video conference is opened up which has thumbnails of each video participant and any shared presentations or desktops. The call leader facilitates the call and the discussions and tries to get through the agenda in the agreed time. Zoom has two views available. The first is the speaker view which selects the video stream from the person speaking. The second is Gallery view which shows streams from all participants.
 +If you would like to try out Zoom, then there is a test meeting service where you are the only participant and you can experiment with the various options available.
 +<WRAP button>​[[http://​​test|Test Zoom]]</​WRAP>​
 +This link is available to anybody, not just members of the area group.
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
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