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MERG Exeter Area Group



(Acting Secretary) Jayne Gale
(Acting Co-ordinator) John Matthews


A new meeting is proposed for the second half of June
Restart meeting will be held on Saturday 22nd June, same time and place.
The meeting will include discussion of what members would like future meetings to cover. For this meeting we are also expecting a demo of the Raspberry Pi.

If you are planning to come and have not already done so please contact Jayne asap.


“Members attending the Exe MRS annual exhibition on 1st and 2nd 2013 June at the Matford Centre, Exeter EX2 8ED may like to visit the “Honeylands Heritage Centre” layout on “The TWAG” stand, where John Matthews (“JJ”), MERG Acting Coordinator for the Exeter Area will welcome them. We would like to discuss what members would like from their local group.”

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