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 ====== MERG Highlands Area Group ====== ====== MERG Highlands Area Group ======
 +[[:public:areagroups|Return to Area Groups News]]\\ 
 +[[:public:start|Index to other public pages]]\\ 
 +[[|MERG Home page]]\\ 
-==== First meeting ====+==== Meetings ====
-The first meeting took place **on Thursday 22 August**, from 7 pm to 9 pm. Five out of the seven Group members were able to attend +The first two meetings were held at the home of Les Grosvenor m3088. Further meetings will held at venues to be announced.
-==== The Host ====+
-Les Grosvenor MWas3088, At his home in Auldean, Tea/Coffee and biscuits were provided.+==== Convenor ==== 
 +Position vacant (November 2017)
-==== Agenda ==== 
-    - Meet and greet. 
-    - What Group to be for?- //Mutual support; exchange of ideas? Presence at local Exhibitions? Source of local assistance for modellers?// 
-    - Frequency of future meetings? 
-    - Resources available to support activity? 
-    - Group Structure 
-    - Any Other business. 
-    - Date for next meeting.[ to be announced] 
-The meeting was conducted with reference to the informal agenda previously circulated. The items listed were considered in order, although there was latitude for the discussion to “depart from the path”. \\  \\ It is fair to say that we now have 7 members of what, at this stage, is an informal gathering of kindred spirits. \\  
-The complete report on the outcome of the meeting is to be found at 
 ==== Links ==== ==== Links ====
-[[:public:areagroups|Return to Area Groups News]] \\  +To send us an email, [[|use the MERG Area Group contact form]]. This now redirects to Essex (Bob V.).\\  
-[[|MERG Home page]] \\  +[[|Highlands Forum]]
-To send us an email, [[|use the MERG Area Group contact form]]. This is the Essex Group page, email recipient is Bob V. AG Liaison+
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