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19th - 21st October 2018

This course will take place at the Missenden Railway Autumn Modellers Weekend, at Missenden Abbey.

This course assumes no previous knowledge of JMRI.

Topics covered will include:

  • Downloading and installing JMRI
  • Getting JMRI connected to your layout
  • Monitoring messages
  • Overview of JMRI - the various components
  • Where to find help and documentation
  • Driving trains with JMRI throttles and wireless devices
  • Designing a layout diagram and control panel using the Layout Editor
  • Setting up control of turnouts & signals
  • Detecting sensors
  • Turnout feedback
  • Customising icons for your layout diagram
  • Using other devices, such as Ipads, tablets etc, to access the control panel
  • Setting up Blocks and Routes
  • Block detection and train tracking
  • Demonstration of Signal mast logic – automating the signals *
  • Demonstration of the dispatcher for automatic running *

* These two topics will be covered in detail in follow-on JMRI courses.

Please note that this course does NOT cover programming locomotive CVs using Decoder Pro. For that, see the Introduction to DCC - weekend course

More details here:

Starting out with Panel Pro course details

To book your place, please visit the Missenden Railway modellers website: Bookings will be open in May.

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