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11-12th July 2019

Strode College, Somerset

The course will take place at Strode College in Somerset, as part of their Summer Workshops.

This course assumes no previous knowledge of JMRI.

Topics covered will include:

  • Downloading and installing JMRI
  • Getting JMRI connected to your layout
  • Managing JMRI profiles - and where JMRI puts your files
  • Monitoring messages
  • Overview of JMRI - the various components
  • Where to find help and documentation
  • Driving trains with JMRI throttles and wireless devices
  • Designing a layout diagram and control panel using the Layout Editor
  • Setting up control of turnouts & signals
  • Detecting sensors
  • Using internal sensors for control
  • Placing sensor icons on the layout diagram
  • Turnout feedback
  • Customising icons for your layout diagram
  • Using other devices, such as Ipads, tablets etc, to access the control panel
  • Setting up Blocks and Routes
  • Block detection and train tracking
  • Demonstration of Signal mast logic – automating the signals *
  • Demonstration of the dispatcher for automatic running *

* These two topics will be covered in detail in the follow-on JMRI courses.

Please note that this course does NOT cover programming locomotive CVs using Decoder Pro. For that, see the Introduction to DCC course

The course takes place over 2 days midweek in July.

Once the venue and dates are confirmed, you will be able to download furtehr details below.

Starting out with Panel Pro course details

Booking will be direct with Strode College, details of how to do so will be posted here when available.

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