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-=====MERG Ireland Area Group===== +<WRAP safety round centeralign>​ 
-[[:​public:​areagroups|Return to Area Groups News]]\\  +====== MERG Ireland Area Group ====== 
-[[:​public:​start|Index to other public pages]]\\  +</WRAP>
-[[https://​​index.php|MERG Home page]]+
 +<WRAP box round centeralign button>
 +[[:​public:​areagroups|Area Groups]] [[:​public:​start|Public pages]] [[https://​​index.php|MERG Home page]] </​WRAP>​
-new Area Group for the Republic of Ireland ​with bases mainly on the East Coast from Dublin ​to Wexford.+This is a new Area Group for the Republic of Ireland
 +It was formed late in 2019 and we have only had a few meetings so far, mostly as virtual meetings due to Covid-19 pandemic.
-====Coordinators==== +Most of the members are based mainly on the East Coast from Dublin to Wexford. ​ 
-Dave McCabe and Sven Rosvall+We will do our best to cater for all members in the Republic of Ireland.
-====Contacts====+====Contact Us==== 
 +The coordinators of the area group are: 
 +  * Dave McCabe 
 +  * Sven Rosvall 
 +You can contact the coordinators via the
 [[https://​​areagroup.php?​area=29|Area Groups contact page]] [[https://​​areagroup.php?​area=29|Area Groups contact page]]
-====Forum==== +====How to join us?==== 
-[[https://​​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=248|Ireland sub Forum]]+If you are not a member of MERG already, please first <WRAP button>​[[https://​​membership.php|Join MERG Here]]</​WRAP>​ 
 +If you are already a member of MERG <WRAP button>​[[https://​​membership/​areagroups.php|Join the Ireland Area Group]]</​WRAP>​ 
 +Select **Ireland Area Group** from the drop down list in **Other Area Groups** and press the **Subscribe to Area Group** button. 
 +====How do we meet==== 
 +Whilst restrictions are in place, we are using Zoom video calls for virtual meetings once per month. 
 +We also have an [[https://​​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=248|Ireland sub Forum]] ​for discussions between our meetings. 
 +====Next Meetings==== 
 +The next meeting is not yet scheduled. Keep an eye on this page. 
 +Our goal is to have a stand at the main exhibitions in the Republic of Ireland. 
 +Unfortunately there are no exhibitions scheduled for 2020 in the Republic of Ireland due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 
-[[:​helpsystem:​coordinators|Help page for coordinators]]\\ 
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