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More CBUS - 2 day course


9-10th July 2019

Strode College, Somerset

The course will take place at Strode College in Somerset, as part of their Summer Workshops.

This course assumes that you have attended the Introduction to CBUS course, or that you already have a good understanding of the basics of CBUS, building modules and getting them working.

The course takes place over 2 days midweek in July.

“More CBUS” takes you on from the basics to more advanced topics.

Topics covered will include:

  • Recent Developments in CBUS
  • Connecting to CBUS using Ethernet - the CANEther module
  • Using the CANPi and CANPiWi modules
  • More practice and setup in FliM using the FCU utility
  • Understanding CBUS messages
  • Interlocking and routing using CANACE8c or CANMIO
  • Conditional events and interlocking with CANCOMPUTE
  • “Start of day” events
  • Short vs long events
  • Teaching producer events
  • Turnout feedback - real and virtual
  • Using FCU with generic dialogs
  • The Universal CANMIO firmware:
    • Inputs/outputs and servos all on one board
    • Concepts
    • Limitations
    • Setting up with FCU
  • Using CANMIO daughter boards
  • Changing settings in the MERG CANCMD using FCU

When the date and venue are confirmed, you will be able to download more details:

More CBUS course details

Booking will be direct with Strode College, details of how to do so will be posted here when available.

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