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 M1925 Paul Howes //Group Coordinator//​\\ ​ M1925 Paul Howes //Group Coordinator//​\\ ​
-M6426 Nicholas Biddle ​//Deputy Group Coordinator//​\\  +M4418 Anthony Braithwaite ​//Deputy Group Coordinator//​\\  
-M4418 Anthony Braithwaite ​//Group Communications Officer//+M6456 Malcolm Asker //Group Communications Officer//
 ==== Meetings ==== ==== Meetings ====
 +As of February 2018 the group has decided to increase the frequency of meetings from every two months to every month. ​ Alternate months will be held as a practical workshop with discussions and presentation topics in between. Dates for meeting are held in the [[https://​​meetings.php#​|MERG meetings diary.]]\\ \\ The meetings are Sometimes held at the Yeovil Model Railway Group building near Martock, Somerset but currently we have moved them to St James Church, Preston Road, Yeovil. ​ Anyone wishing to attend a meeting can get directions from the group via the contact form.
 +=== Workshops ===
 +  * Members bring their own kits to assemble with help from others in the group where required
 +  * Members bring their own built kit for where they have failed to get it working or need to share test equipment
 +  * Any electronic kit is welcome not just MERG kits
 +  * Members work on the current group project together
 +  * Members interconnect working kits and add hardware to learn how kits can work together
 ==== Links ==== ==== Links ====
 [[:​helpsystem:​coordinators|Help page for coordinators]] [[:​helpsystem:​coordinators|Help page for coordinators]]
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