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-====== MERG Somerset ​and District ​Area Group ======+~~NOCACHE~~ 
 +{{:​public:​msag-logo.jpg?​300|MERG Somerset Area Group}} 
 +====== MERG Somerset Area Group ====== 
 +===== Menu ===== 
 +[[:​public:​areagroups|Return to Area Groups News]]\\  
 +[[:​public:​start|Index to other public pages]]\\  
 +[[:​subjects:​msag_home|Members only area]]\\  
 +[[https://​​index.php|MERG Home page]]\\  
 +[[https://​​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=63|Area Group Forum]]\\ 
 +|{{ :​public:​msag-banner.jpg?​900|Do you know what it is yet?}}| 
 +==== How do I contact the Area Group ==== 
 +|{{ :​public:​msag_pigeon.jpeg?​60 |Electronic Pigeon mailman}}|To send us a message,\\ [[https://​​areagroup.php?​area=12|use the MERG Area Group contact form]]|
-[[public:​areagroups|Return to Area Groups News]] 
 +==== Who are the leaders of the group? ====
 +|{{ :​public:​msag_leaders.jpg?​100|Leaders}}|M1925 Paul Howes //Group Leader// \\ M4418 Anthony Braithwaite //Deputy Group Leader// \\ M6456 Malcolm Asker //Group Communications Officer//|
-[[http://​​index.php|MERG Home page]] 
-==== Email ==== 
-To send us an email, [[http://​​areagroup.php?​area=12|use the MERG Area Group contact form]]\\ ​ 
-For MERG members, you might also like to look at our [[http://​​forum/​viewforum.php?​f=63|area group forum.]] 
-==== Secretary ​====+==== How do you meet? ====
-Situation vacant+The group normally meets on the first Saturday of every month between 10am and 1pm in Yeovil, Somerset. Meetings include some or all of the following:​\\ 
 +  * A presentation ​  
 +  * A session on a group project ​  
 +  * A practical workshop 
 +Occasionally we meet from 10am to 4pm for an extended workshop session. Dates for meetings are held in the [[https://​​meetings.php#​|MERG meetings diary]] unless otherwise stated or see **Meetings Coming Up** below.\\ \\ The meetings are normally held at St James Church, Preston Road, Yeovil. ​ Anyone wishing to attend a meeting can get directions from the group via the contact form.
-==== Meetings ====+|<color #​ed1c24>​**//​GOVERNMENT RESTRICTIONS ON GATHERINGS AND TRAVEL//**
-==== Links ====+Due to all the restrictions all our meetings are currently online using zoom video conferencing software (see the [[https://​​meetings.php#​|MERG meetings diary]]). ​ If you wish to attend ensure that you have Somerset Area Group in your permitted contacts list on your [[https://​​membership|MOMS membership page]] and you will be emailed an invitation to the meetings a few days beforehand.</​color>​|{{:​public:​msag_social-distancing1.jpg?​300|Social Distancing}}|
-[[:helpsystem:​coordinators|Help page for coordinators]]+==== Do you hold workshops? ==== 
 +//"Yes we do, sometimes together with a meeting sometimes a separate event."//​ 
 +  * Members bring their own kits to assemble with help from others in the group where required 
 +  * Members bring their own built kit for where they have failed to get it working or need to share test equipment 
 +  * Any electronic kit is welcome not just MERG kits 
 +  * Members work on the current group projects together 
 +  * Members interconnect working kits and add hardware to learn how kits can work together 
 +==== Meetings Coming Up ==== 
 +{{:​public:​msag_zoom_icon.png?​30 |Zoom online Meetings}} **You will need to opt into the Somerset Area Group to ensure an emailed invite to any of the following meetings** 
 +==== Where can I see what the group gets up to? ==== 
 +|[[public:masag_gallery|Click here for a Gallery of events]]|{{:​public:​june_2019_meeting_1_.jpg?​100|Found CANMIO}}|{{:​public:​june_2019_meeting_2_.jpg?​100|Tony Presents}}|{{:​public:​june_2019_meeting_3_.jpg?​100|How many group members does it take to read a multimeter?​}}|{{:​public:​june_2019_meeting_4_.jpg?​100|Who are you trying to mimic?​}}|{{:​public:​msag-november-2019-meeting_2_.jpeg?​176|Resistance is futile}}|
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