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 +======Welcome to the======
 +[[https://​​|{{ ::​merg-wiki-p.png?​nolink |MERG Home page}}]]\\ ​
 +=====Glossary aka Jargon Buster=====
 +[[:​glossary:​start|'​Jargon Buster'​]] The MERG Glossary.
 +=====Area Groups=====
 +See [[public:​areagroups|Area Group News]] for details of MERG's various Area Groups in the UK, Ireland and Australia.\\ ​
 +To contact a specific AG use their contact page listed [[https://​​areagroup.php|here]],​ for general AG enquiries [[https://​​contact.php?​pt=14|Area Groups Liaison]].
 +[[public:​cbuspublic:​start|CBUS]] Layout Control Bus
 +Index to [[public:​courses|MERG related courses]].
 +[[public:​help|Public Help]] pages generated to answer specific questions.\\ ​
 +We cannot guarantee to answer specific technical questions from non members but will endeavour to do so where practicable,​ Committee contacts are listed [[https://​​committee.php|here.]]
 +[[public:​zero-one:​start|Zero-1]] Files transferred from the Yahoo Group which no longer supports file storage.