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 <WRAP center round info 95%> <WRAP center round info 95%>
 The WNO Area Group actively support the The WNO Area Group actively support the
-**Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society Show** which is scheduled for Saturday 6th March and Sunday 7th March 2021.\\ +**Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society Show** which is normally scheduled for Saturday and Sunday of the first weekend in March.\\ 
-Due to the COVID-19 situation the viability of running an exhibition in 2021 is currently under review.\\+The LWMRS Board have made the decision not to host an exhibition in 2021. Even if social distancing rules are relaxed by March 2021 there is no  guarantee that visitor numbers will have recovered to pre Covid-19 levels to make the Society Exhibition viable. \\
 Latest News at –  Latest News at – 
 or Contact Exhibition Manager - Email – or Contact Exhibition Manager - Email –
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