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 The presentations for this meeting and all previous meetings dating back to May 2017 can be found on the MERG Wiki. The presentations for this meeting and all previous meetings dating back to May 2017 can be found on the MERG Wiki.
 ==== 2020 Meetings ==== ==== 2020 Meetings ====
-Meetings are planned for the following dates: 
-  ​January 25th +At the end of 2019, the WNO members were asked to complete a survey which measured their satisfaction,​ asked for suggestions for improvement and collected a list of suggested subjects for inclusion in the 2020 meet schedule. This year, the theme for each meeting will be driven by items from the list. Also, the afternoon workshops will be more focussed to solve member’s problems and to give individual members the opportunity to show projects on which they are working. 
-  * March 28th+ 
 +<color #ed1c24>**JANUARY 26th 2020**</​color>​ 
 +Responding to the members’ top request, <color #​00a2e8>​**Simon West**</​color>​ presented and demonstrated how to build non-kit CANMIO modules. Starting with the CANMIO-SVO as the start point, he explained the extra components required and also those components which are not required to build a CANMIO-OUT.  
 +Simon recommended this 2nd generation module as it is the easiest option to implement rather than the CANVOUT which will be shipped with Universal firmware. CANMIO – OUT provides 8 output AND 8 logic level inputs. 
 +Having explained the function of Firmware, Simon showed how to change the firmware using FCU and explained the importance of selecting the correct firmware from the MERG Wiki based upon the resonator / chip type combination. 
 +<color #​00a2e8>​**John Gowers**</​color>​ provided two useful feedback sessions: a reflection on the AGM and feedback from the experience of taking the LWMRS 0 Gauge exhibition layout with its CBUS and MERG DCC installations to the Warley show at the NEC. 
 +At this meeting, the workshops were particularly active with many members showing progress with personal projects and various kits being inspected, tested and made to work. 
 +<color #​ed1c24>​**March 28th 2020**</​color>​ 
 +This meeting was postponed due to the Covid-19 virus restrictions. 
 +Further Meetings are planned for the following dates but will be determined by Government restrictions in place at the time of the meeting: 
   * May 23rd   * May 23rd
   * July 25th   * July 25th
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 ==== Exhibitions ==== ==== Exhibitions ====
 **Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society Show**\\ **Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society Show**\\
-Saturday 6th March and Sunday 7th March 2020\\+Saturday 6th March and Sunday 7th March 2021\\
 Leamington Spa College, Warwick New Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5JE.\\ Leamington Spa College, Warwick New Road, Leamington Spa, CV32 5JE.\\
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