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 ==== This quarters topics: ==== ==== This quarters topics: ====
-TBD+None - as the meeting has been cancelled. 
 +The rest of the programme has been left unchanged, so that the format remains for future meetings. 
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 Bring your own or eat loads of cake!  Bring your own or eat loads of cake! 
 +For Saturday meetings, there are nearby sandwich shops - for Sunday meetings, if you haven'​t your own sandwiches, you will need to head in to Sainsbury'​s in Oldbury.
 === 13:30 Practical Workshop Session 1 === === 13:30 Practical Workshop Session 1 ===
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-David Roberts gave two talk +David Roberts gave two talks. ​
 John Fletcher talked about 'My MERG Journey'​ John Fletcher talked about 'My MERG Journey'​
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