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 ==== Meetings ==== ==== Meetings ====
-**Sunday ​15th January 2017**\\  +**Sunday ​24th March 2019**\\  
-Venue Shawlands Scout Hall, Glasgow, G41 4AE+Venue Shawlands Scout Hall, Glasgow, ​**G41 4AE** 
 +Open Day\\ 
-**January'​s morning sessions**\\  +{{ :public:​poster-wosag19.gif?nolink |}} 
-The morning session will have two presentations,​ each running from 10.30 to 12.00.\\  +Note postcode ​on poster incorrect.
-**A cloud over your layout?**\\  +
-You may have heard of "The Cloud",​ with domestic appliances, heating and the like +
-being monitored and controlled remotely via the internet. Chic Thomson will show +
-you simple and cheap hardware and software means of controlling / monitoring +
-aspects of your layout from a browser, both locally, and from anywhere.\\  +
-**Layout options**\\  +
-Starting a new layout? Do you know your dog bone from your folded figure-of eight? +
-When to use turntables, sector plates and traversers? Davy Dick looks at +
-the options, benefits and drawbacks of different track layouts – from tiny 24” x 24” +
-layouts to massive club layouts.\\  +
-These sessions last all morning, so you have to choose which one you want to attend.\\  +
-Since we have to pay extra to hire the hall for the morning, there will be an additional +
-donation of £1 per attender, on top of the normal afternoon £3 donation. +
-You might also want to bring along a packed lunch.\\  +
-**Afternoon sessions**\\  +
-The main Area Group meeting will run from 1pm to approx 5pm, depending upon the +
-amount of questions and discussion. As an experiment, we will have a slightly longer tea +
-break around 3pm.\\  +
-The afternoon session will have two presentations-\\  +
-**A Guide To Track Laying:**\\  +
-Keith Shovelin will cover the basic aspects of track laying +
-including gauge/scale , types of track, methods of fixing +
-track, techniques for improving loco adhesion, ballasting,​ +
-weathering and more...\\  +
-**The Faller road system**\\  +
-John Bowman and Donald McDonald will cover the +
-model car system designed to work alongside model +
-railways. The self-powered vehicles (cars, trucks, +
-buses) run automatically and can stop at traffic lights, +
-railroad crossings and stations.\\  +
-To meet fire regulations,​ members have to sign in on a table at the door. The sign-in sheet +
-will also have a tick box indicating that the entry donation has been recorded.\\  +
-Please let me know as soon as possible if you are +
-able to attend the January meeting. +
-Also, please let me know which morning session you +
-want to attend.\\ +
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-Email me if you are interested. Use the [[https://​​areagroup.php?​area=8|MERG Area Group Contact form]] \\  
-MERG Members may email or PM [[https://​​forum/​memberlist.php?​mode=viewprofile&​u=100|via the Forum]] \\  
-Davy Dick \\  
-WoSAG Leader 
-==== Exhibitions with a West of Scotland MERG stand in 2017 ==== 
-Kilmarnock MRC 4/5 Feb Volunteer Rooms, Parterre, Irvine KA12 0BA\\  
-Model Rail Scotland 25 to 27 Feb SECC, Exhibition Way, Glasgow G3 8YW\\  
-Kyle MRC 20/21 May Auchenharvie Academy, Low Street, Stevenston, KA20 3JW\\  
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