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The Group continues to expand to offer the benefits to an ever wider cross section of railway modellers. The benefits include the web site, technical bulletins, kits, quarterly journal, area groups, training, and readily available assistance, together with the opportunity to meet other members. New ideas are emerging that require extra help to deliver even more benefits for our members. Could you contribute to our continued success by volunteering some time and skills to help the team that runs MERG?

We welcome help from all ages but volunteering can be particularly fulfilling for those who are retired.

It is not just for the annual election of the full Committee that we need new volunteers. The Committee has decided that for reasons of continuity and security the various tasks can be broken down to offer opportunities to participate or to act as understudies for the main positions. In addition, there are sometimes opportunities during the year for less formal help to be given to smaller projects.

The main roles have formal "task descriptions" and others are more flexible to match the time commitment and skills of the individual.

New volunteers are essential both to bring new ideas and to lessen the burden on those who have already donated many hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of hours in making the Group what it is today. It is essential to preserve the work/life balance of people providing the services as the workload for existing officers is inevitably increasing as MERG gets bigger.

So, if you would like to explore what is involved in a specific role, or simply want to investigate whether you could contribute in some way, why not get in touch?

Currently we have one significant vacancy, detailed below.

Technical Support Manager

For the last 12 years this important Committee role has been undertaken by Martin Perry, firstly as Kitmaster and latterly as organiser of the Kit Locker Team, manager of Kit Production and Technical Support to the MERG membership, this after the devolution of Kit Sales to Judi Rastall. It is expected that further devolution of Kit Production management will take place towards MERG’s new Inventory Manager and Martin considers this an opportune time for Technical Support to begin transition to a new pair of hands.

In general the Technical Support Manager (TSM) will

  • Manage the process of introduction of new kits including the commencement of production by the allocated Kit Producer (elf).
  • Oversee the form and standard of the kits and their documentation in liaison with the kit designer. This will include custodianship of the range of kits, the kit building instruction library and its style.
  • Liaise with the Inventory Manager and Kit Sales Manager over matters concerning kit production and inventory control. This will include management of the production team and required skill sets in liaison with the Inventory Manager.
  • Support the kit production team and Inventory Manager over technical matters of component selection and sourcing.
  • Support to MERG members experiencing kit building problems, the use of the kits and provision of technical information where requested.
  • Support to the Technical Bulletin Editor in introduction of new Bulletins, managing the library, standards and updates.

The Technical Support Manager must have a working knowledge of electronics and be aware of other sources of skills and information both through MERG, its kit designers and outside the Group. He should ideally have experience of people management. Since the bulk of MERG’s technical base rests in Microsoft Office aplications, the TSM should be proficient with the use of WORD and EXCEL. He/she should ideally be familiar with Printed Circuit Board CAD applications such as DesignSpark which is progressively being adopted throughout the Group for kit PCBs.

This is an interesting and exciting role in MERG and it ought to appeal to any number of people with a technical background. It goes without saying that it is fundamentally important to the success of the Kit Locker as it continues to grow.

If you would like to volunteer for consideration or to get more detail of the role then please contact Martin Perry, Vice Chairman and Technical Support Manager

Last updated: 29-Sep-2017