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MERG Area Group News

Some of the presentations given at area group meetings can be found HERE.
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Enquiries regarding areas not covered below should be addressed to Area Groups Liaison via the Area Groups Liaison contact page.

MERG Virtual Area Group

A non-geographical group
This group uses Zoom to conduct a group meeting from member's homes or workplaces. It was formed in October 2018 to assess the usefulness of video conferencing technology.

MERG Virtual Area Group

East of England

Greater London


North East

North West

Northern Ireland



South East

South West



2019 Area Group Convention and Annual General Meeting

(This has previously been known as the proposed 'Northern Event')

Held on Sunday 3rd November 2019, 10.00 - 17.00
If you wish to leave a comment about the meeting, please append to this Forum topic, thank you.

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