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 ===== MERG Virtual Area Group ===== ===== MERG Virtual Area Group =====
 **A non-geographical group**\\ ​ **A non-geographical group**\\ ​
-This group uses Google Hangouts ​to conduct a group meeting from member'​s homes or workplaces. It was formed in October 2018 to assess the usefulness of video conferencing technology.\\ ​+This group uses Zoom to conduct a group meeting from member'​s homes or workplaces. It was formed in October 2018 to assess the usefulness of video conferencing technology.\\ ​
 \\ \\
 [[:​public:​vag|MERG Virtual Area Group]]\\ ​ [[:​public:​vag|MERG Virtual Area Group]]\\ ​
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 (This has previously been known as the proposed '​Northern Event'​) (This has previously been known as the proposed '​Northern Event'​)
-Sunday 3rd November 2019, 10.00 - 17.00+Held on Sunday 3rd November 2019, 10.00 - 17.00\\  
 +If you wish to leave a comment about the meeting, please append to [[https://​​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=32&​t=9876|this Forum topic]], thank you.
-MERG is to hold a one day Area Group Convention on Sunday 3rd November 2019 at Thirsk and Sowerby Town Hall, Westgate, Thirsk, YO7 1QR. It will be a '​first'​ for MERG and its objective is to provide a meeting point for 
-members interested in the Area Group concept. ​ 
-A varied programme of presentations,​ demonstrations and discussions will be led by three of the MERG area groups from Scotland and the North of England. ​ 
-Yorkshire Area Group 
-North West Area Group 
-West of Scotland Area Group 
-This is the perfect occasion to meet with and chat to other members and learn more about the sort of activities and projects that these Area Groups get up to. If you do not already attend Area Group meetings, then take this opportunity to find out more about them and how you can participate and benefit from the knowledge of other MERG members. ​ 
-Well known railway enthusiast and music entrepreneur,​ Pete Waterman, has agreed to come and address our members. His large 0-gauge layout features many items from MERG's CBUS range of modules. 
-The first MERG **Annual General Meeting** to be held outside of London will take place in the afternoon. 
-The programme of events planned can be found here: 
-{{:​public:​2019_area_group_convention_programme.pdf | Area Group Convention Programme}} 
-All MERG members are able to attend. **It is not open to the general public.** Thirsk is situated on the East Coast Mainline and has ready access from the A1 and M6. The event is to be held on a Sunday when parking in the locale will be easiest. Please note that parking at the Town Hall itself is severely restricted by space but other locations nearby are available and permission to park at the Lambert Memorial Hospital has been agreed. First Come first served... see this map of the area for additional parking... 
-{{:​public:​thirsk_parking.jpg | Parking at Thirsk}} 
-Whereas this event is primarily aimed at MERG members in the north of the country, if it is successful, other events may follow in other areas. 
-**Please register your interest [[https://​​membership/​thirsk.php|here]].**\\ ​ 
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