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 Some of the presentations given at area group meetings [[helpsystem:​presentations|can be found HERE]].\\ ​ Some of the presentations given at area group meetings [[helpsystem:​presentations|can be found HERE]].\\ ​
-[[:​public|Other public pages]]\\ ​+**[[:public:start|Other public pages]]**\\  
 +**Enquiries** regarding areas not covered below should be addressed to Area Groups Liaison via the  
 +[[https://​​contact.php?​pt=14|Area Groups Liaison]] contact page.\\ 
 ===== MERG Virtual Area Group ===== ===== MERG Virtual Area Group =====
 **A non-geographical group**\\ ​ **A non-geographical group**\\ ​
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-[[:​public:​warwick|MERG Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire Area Group]]+[[:​public:​warwick|MERG Warwickshire and North Oxfordshire Area Group (WNO)]] 
 ===== North East ===== ===== North East =====
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-[[public:​cumbria|MERG Cumbria Area Group]] <color red> Proposed new area group</​color>​+
 ===== Northern Ireland ===== ===== Northern Ireland =====
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 [[:​public:​eastscotland|MERG East of Scotland Area Group]] [[:​public:​eastscotland|MERG East of Scotland Area Group]]
-[[:​public:​highlands|MERG Highlands Area Group]] 
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 ===== South ===== ===== South =====
-[[:​public:​hantsdorset|MERG Hants and Dorset Area Group]] 
 [[:​public:​shants|MERG South Hampshire (Southampton) Area Group]] [[:​public:​shants|MERG South Hampshire (Southampton) Area Group]]
-===== South East ===== 
-[[:​public:​kent|MERG Kent Area Group]] 
 +===== South East =====
 [[:​public:​thamesvalley|MERG Thames Valley Area Group]] (TVAG) [[:​public:​thamesvalley|MERG Thames Valley Area Group]] (TVAG)
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-[[:​public:​somerset|MERG Somerset Area Group]]+[[:​public:​somerset|MERG Somerset Area Group (MSAG)]]
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 [[:​public:​cardiff|MERG Cardiff Area Group]] [[:​public:​cardiff|MERG Cardiff Area Group]]
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 [[:​public:​ausqld|MERG Australia - S.E. Queensland Area Group]]\\ ​ [[:​public:​ausqld|MERG Australia - S.E. Queensland Area Group]]\\ ​
-[[public:​victoria||MERG Australia - Victoria Area Group]]\\ ​+[[public:​victoria|MERG Australia - Victoria Area Group]]\\ ​
 [[:​public:​beijing|MERG Beijing Area Group]]\\ ​ [[:​public:​beijing|MERG Beijing Area Group]]\\ ​
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-===== 2019 Area Group Convention and Annual General Meeting ===== 
-(This has previously been known as the proposed '​Northern Event'​) 
-Held on Sunday 3rd November 2019, 10.00 - 17.00\\ ​ 
-If you wish to leave a comment about the meeting, please append to [[https://​​forum/​viewtopic.php?​f=32&​t=9876|this Forum topic]], thank you. 
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