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Introduction to DCC - weekend course

4-6th October 2019

By popular demand, we have arranged a weekend course for those who want to learn about DCC.

The course will take place as part of the Missenden Abbey Railway Modellers weekend 4-6th October 2019.

For those just considering or just starting out in DCC, this weekend course will take you from first principles through choosing a DCC system, fitting decoders in locos, setting them up and DCC operations.

The course takes place over the weekend (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday) The course will start with arrivals from 4pm on Friday evening.

This course assumes no previous knowledge of DCC.

Topics covered will include:

  • What is DCC?
  • How DCC works
  • The advantages and disadvantages of DCC compared to analogue DC control
  • Choosing a DCC system – pros and cons
  • Choosing and fitting DCC decoders to your locomotives
  • DCC-Ready vs DCC-fitted
  • Fitting decoders to locos – DCC ready or not!
  • Consisting
  • Setting up your loco decoders (those dreaded CVs)
  • Using “Decoder Pro” on a computer to make setting up easier
  • Fitting sound to your DCC locos
  • The different ways for digital control of your accessories (points-signals etc)
  • The myth of the DCC friendly point
  • Wiring for DCC

More details and how to book will be available nearer the date, and will be published on the Missenden Railway modellers website: Bookings are expected to open in May 2019.

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