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JMRI Course at Strode College

February 2019 Meeting

A man's work is never doneI CANACT like I know what I am doing

March 2019 Meeting

Smoking!Whats going on?

April 2019 Meeting

Roger H_ill servo 4Friday the 13th Part 3

May 2019 Meeting

Alan Wright with parts from the late Mike DurkinPeter Watson

June 2019 Meeting

Found CANMIOTony Presents
How many group members does it take to read a multimeter?Who are you trying to mimic?

July 2019 Meeting

I have not got a clue what it is!  TBAThis should not be here its Strode college!
WiFi throttleGroup project mimic panel

August 2019 Meeting

Kit workshopPaul giving a talk, good job the sleeping members are not in shot!

September 2019 Meeting

I think the sump is leaking!Peter Watson presenting Templot

October 2019 Meeting

Ron Pluck's CBUS test padPeter watson with something hot...

November 2019 Meeting

Olivia's bake offResistance is futile

December 2019 Meeting

CANMIO 1 workingThere is always one in every group, especially at Christmas

January 2020 Meeting

Wright or wrong programming

February 2020 Meeting

Can you guess what it is yet?Look no hands

March 2020 Meeting

Ron gets his scope outLike caveman inventing fire

More CBUS at Strode College

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