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MoRAG - Model Railway Assorted Goodies

garnered by Rodney Hills M1301



MoRAG-R: - Model Railway ARCHIVE Group


MoRAG-N: - Model Railway ANIMATION Group


MoRAG-R: - Model Railway AUTOMATA Group

CIRCUIT ANIMATION Mk 1 old customised version of java-falstad with assortment of MERG,etc model-railway-related circuits, formerly accessible via MERG homepage / RESOURCES & INFORMATION / CIRCUIT SIMULATIONS (direct: CIRCUIT ANIMATION\

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Files from MoRAG Yahoo Group

"Complication for simplicity's sake"
Article by Stewart Hine from 'Model Railways' November 1979

"Linked section control"
Articles by L. E. Carroll from 'Model Railway News':

  • General Principles, September 1953
  • Single Lines and Ovals, October 1953
  • Junctions and Return Loops, December 1953

"Linked Section Control in action
Article by L. E. Carroll from 'Model Railway News' June 1958

"Signal-box Sub-sectioning"
Article by L. E. Carroll from 'Model Railway News' June 1956


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