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MERG North East Area Group


To send us an email, use the MERG Area Group contact form
For MERG members, you might also like to look at our area group forum.


Colin Begg M3387

Martin Lloyd M2978, has agreed to be a second point of contact.


Meetings are held approximately every two months and usually alternate between BTMRS and A19 MRC

Next meeting is on Tuesday 15th September 2015, 19:00 at the club rooms of the A19 Model Railway Club. For directions, see the link at the bottom of the page.


We plan to have stands at two shows in the remainder of this year (2015).

The first will be at the Newcastle and District Model Railway Society show on 15th and 16th November at Gateshead International Stadium.

The second will be at Railex NE on a new date 12th and 13th December and at a new venue Quorum Business Park NE12 8BS.


Since Railex, I've put out a survey of the members to discover what they want from the group. Here are the Survey Results:


Of 26 recipients of the Survey, 19 opened it and 9 replied (including myself).

Why did you join MERG NE Area Group?

Summary: Combining electronics and model railways. Access to kits, PCBs, technical info, CBus. Learn from others.


How often, should we hold meetings, monthly, two monthly, quarterly?

Summary: Two to three monthly.

What would you like to see happening at meetings?

Summary: Demonstrations, Q & A, Projects / Developments / Ideas, Problems and fixes. Kit building.

What would you like to see NOT happening at meetings?

Summary: Reading of old minutes, lack of participation

How far would you travel to attend a meeting?

Summary: Most 10 to 25 miles. Some 60-70.

What would you like to learn from meetings?

Summary: CBUS, answers to problems, new MERG products, basic theory, modelling.

What could you teach others at meetings?

Summary: Fault finding, computers, CBUS, JMRI, DCC, programming


Do you think we should demonstrate on a stand at model railway shows?

Summary: Yes or probably

Do you object to us recruiting for MERG at shows?

Summary: Unanimous, no objection to recruiting.

How far would you travel to assist at a show?

Summary: 20-30 miles or much further. Some unable to help due to health reasons or prior arrangements! Some have a preference for only a single day (shows usually two-day).


The strangest responses were regarding shows where every recipient was willing to travel some distance and assist. Whilst I realise the Middesbrough show was a long way to expect people to travel ,more offered to help there than for Railex NE, much closer to where most of the members live. This is why we had to cancel. Not one person offered to help.


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