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MERG Virtual Area Group

The Virtual Area Group uses a Zoom video call to meet every Tuesday for an hour or more.

Meeting Schedule

18:30 02-JunVirtual Area GroupA show and tell session where members show work-in-progress materials from their workbenches and describe their successes ... and failures.Zoom video callLink
10:00 09-JunVirtual Area GroupJohn Gowers will share his thoughts on mimic panel design.Zoom video callLink
12:30 16-JunVirtual Area GroupMartin Perry will select a current MERG kit and explain how it works using the circuit diagram and the components on the printed circuit board.Zoom video callLink
14:30 21-JunArea Group Leaders MeetingHow to use the MERG Diary to plan and promote your area group meetings.Zoom video call
10:00 23-JunVirtual Area GroupAllan Geekie will demonstrate how zoom can make use of multiple cameras and windows to provide a seamless demonstration and diagnostic capability.Zoom video callLink
18:30 30-JunVirtual Area GroupDave McCabe will follow through on his earlier overview of the Universal Formware by going through step by step of how to configure a CANMIO, CANv* or CANUIO to move a servo.Zoom video callLink
18:30 07-JulVirtual Area GroupPete Brownlow will give us an update on what is happening in the worlds of CBUS and JMRI.Zoom video callLink
10:00 14-JulVirtual Area GroupAllan Geekie will encourage members to discuss developments in the control of DC power to a model railway track.Zoom video callLink
12:30 21-JulVirtual Area GroupMartin Perry will select a current MERG kit and explain how it works using the circuit diagram and the components on the printed circuit board.Zoom video callLink
10:00 28-JulVirtual Area GroupDave McCabe will present a CBUS wiring strategy for a large club O gauge layout.Zoom video callLink
18:30 04-AugVirtual Area GroupRon Pluck will describe his own individual approach to programming Arduino modules.Zoom conference callLink
10:00 11-AugVirtual Area GroupJudi Rastall and Paul Tomkins will give an update on all things kit related in another episode of Tales from the Kitlocker.Zoom video callLink

The times vary to try and make the calls work for different time zones. We regularly welcome members from: -

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • UK
  • USA.

Calls are recorded and made available to all members through MERG TV; presentation materials are also available.

Area Group Coordinator

Allan Geekie - you can contact Allan using the MERG Area Group contact form

Meeting Topics

In April 2020 we carried out a poll of VAG members and the following topics were identified as the most popular: -

  • How kits work - a series of calls, each discussing the how one particular kit works - now schuduled
  • Types and use of baseboard connectors - covered in Demystifying Components -Wires and Connectors
  • Oscilloscopes and logic analysers for hobbyists - being planned as a two part course.
  • Using the FCU - a multi part course is being considered including the use of the FCU to configure individual 2nd generation modules.
  • Testing boards (use of various pieces of test equipment and the way to go about it) - A Test Gear Buyers Guide is already scheduled; other calls to be added.
  • Neater Methods of under board wiring
  • Best practice for wiring different bus types
  • Layout control buses
  • CBUS wiring strategy on a large club O gauge layout - scheduled
  • CANPAN wiring
  • Servo and Servo Mounts
  • Building CANVOUT
  • Prusa 3D Printer
  • 3D scanners
  • Photogrammetry - generating 3D models from multiple photographs
  • CBUS Beginners Kit.

Members can suggest topics at any time using the member email system.

Members can access more information here.

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