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 |21st 10:​00GMT|MERG in 2020|Martin Perry| |21st 10:​00GMT|MERG in 2020|Martin Perry|
 |28th 10:​00GMT|Radio Throttles Discussion|All| |28th 10:​00GMT|Radio Throttles Discussion|All|
-|**February ​2020**|||+|**February**|||
 |11th 10:​00GMT|CANV* Modules|Ian Hart| |11th 10:​00GMT|CANV* Modules|Ian Hart|
 |18th 18:​30GMT|TBA|All| |18th 18:​30GMT|TBA|All|
 |25th 10:​00GMT|Arduino Discussion|All| |25th 10:​00GMT|Arduino Discussion|All|
-|**March ​2020**|||+|**March**|||
 |10th 10:00 GMT|3D Resin Printing|Chris Walsh and Roger Woodward| |10th 10:00 GMT|3D Resin Printing|Chris Walsh and Roger Woodward|
 |17th 18:​30GMT|What is on our Workbenches?​|All| |17th 18:​30GMT|What is on our Workbenches?​|All|
 |24th 10:00 GMT|TBA|All| |24th 10:00 GMT|TBA|All|
-|**April ​2020**|||+|**April**|||
 |14th 10:00|TBA | |14th 10:00|TBA |
 |21st 18:​30GMT|TBA|All| |21st 18:​30GMT|TBA|All|
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