Model Electronic Railway Group

Leading Model Railway Electronics since 1967

Celebrating 50 years of Innovation: 1967-2017

The MERG Charter

1. Name:

Issued: 2008

The Group shall be known as the MODEL ELECTRONIC RAILWAY GROUP [MERG]

2. Objectives:

The Group exists to promote, maintain, and foster interest in the application of electronics, including computers, to Railway Modelling by:-

  1. Offering the assistance of the Group to members and railway modellers generally,
  2. Promoting fuller recognition of the benefits of electronics in the model railway press,
  3. Encouraging and supporting development of new electronic applications and techniques by members and where appropriate arranging publication or kit manufacture.
  4. Demonstrating electronic methods where invited and with the available Group support.

3. Membership:

Membership of the Group shall be open to all those, 18 years of age and above, interested in electronic applications to railway modelling.

4. Activities:

The Group shall provide for the exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas between members by providing contacts with those having similar interests, including formal meetings, provision of Internet communications and the encouragement of area groups.

Publications produced by the Group shall be made available to all members.

The MERG Rules (2010)

as approved by the Annual General Meeting on 11th September 2010

The Name of the Group, and its Aims are formally set out in the Charter, ref. ORG 01

1 MANAGEMENT The management of the affairs of the Group shall be by means of a Managing Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The Managing Committee
  • shall consist of the Officers and ordinary committee members numbering not more than twelve in total.
  • shall at all times act in the best interests of the Group and shall be empowered to take such action as they regard as necessary to safeguard the Group and its members. Any action taken outside the provisions of these Rules shall be ratified at the following General Meeting.
2 OFFICERS The Officers of the Group shall be
CHAIRMAN - shall be responsible for promotion of the Group, formulating strategy and providing direction to the Managing Committee, and shall present a Report on the activities of the preceding year at each AGM.
VICE CHAIRMAN - shall deputise for the Chairman, and undertake such duties as the Committee shall determine.
SECRETARY - shall be responsible for the general administration of the Group, and
  • seeking nominations for membership of the Managing Committee
  • seeking and proposing person(s) to examine the group’s accounts and records
  • convening the Annual General Meeting, any Special General Meetings, and all Managing Committee Meetings of the Group, providing the Agenda and keeping Minutes thereof
  • publishing with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting the names, and where appropriate election statements, of nominees for the Managing Committee, and the name of the proposed examiner
TREASURER - shall be responsible for
  • receiving all payments and paying monies due from the Group
  • preparing a Budget and maintaining accounts which, after being audited, shall be submitted as a Report to the Annual General Meeting
  • maintain an account or accounts at a Bank or Banks approved by the Managing Committee
3 THE MANAGING COMMITTEE shall select from amongst its members persons to fill posts such as :
MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY - to maintain a record of current members, process applications for membership and record renewals.
EDITOR - to produce a minimum of four Journals of Group activities and related matters per annum, and other publications as required.
TECHNICAL BULLETIN EDITOR - to produce and distribute TBs as required.
PUBLICITY MANAGER - to promote the Group with special reference to appearances at exhibitions.
WEBMASTER - to maintain the Group’s Internet site(s) and services
KITMASTER - to hold stocks and manage sales of books, kits, components or other goods appropriate to the Group’s objectives
COPYMASTER - to co-ordinate the copying and distribution of mailings
  • may co-opt not more than two members at any one time, and subject to the overall size limit of twelve.
  • may set up Sub-Committees for special purposes and may co-opt members and/or relevant specialists for such Sub-committees. Co-opted member shall not vote at Managing Committee meetings, unless co-opted to fill a vacancy which has arisen since an Annual General Meeting.
Meetings shall not proceed without there being a quorum of 3 members present.
  • may propose for election as PRESIDENT, a member of long standing, with no Voting or Executive powers, appointed for a period of five years, and who may be re-elected.
6 ELECTION of COMMITTEE All Committee members shall retire at the AGM, but shall be eligible for re-election.
7 SUBSCRIPTION The subscription shall become due on 1st April of each year or on the anniversary of joining as the committee may decide. A Joining fee may be raised in addition to the annual subscription. If applicable the committee may agree reduced rates for people joining part way through the year.
8 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Annual General Meeting [AGM] shall be held within nine months of the end of the financial year, and at least three weeks notice shall be sent to all members of the date and location of the meeting and the business to be discussed.
9 EXTRA-ORDINARY GENERAL MEETING [EGM] At the written request of any five or more paid-up members, or at the discretion of the Committee, an EGM shall be convened for the discussion of any specific business. At least two weeks notice of the date and location of the meeting, and the business to be discussed, shall be sent to all members
10 ACCOUNTS The Financial Year shall run from 1 April to 31 March.
The accounts and records shall be reviewed by the Examiner prior to presentation at the AGM. The Examiner shall be a independent of the Managing Committee, and appointed at the previous AGM. In the event of that person resigning before the next AGM, a replacement shall be co-opted by the Managing Committee provided notice of such action is given to the members within three months of such action.
11 AREA GROUPS No area group shall enter into any agreement, or contract, either expressed or implied on behalf of the Group. Reasonable expenses may be claimed supported by receipts and a signed statement up to a maximum of £100 in a single financial year.
Membership of an Area Group is restricted to members of the Model Electronic Railway Group. Non MERG Guests may attend a limited number of meetings at the discretion of the Area Group Leader.
All Area Groups must follow any agreed guidelines that may be issued by an Area Group Co-ordinator should one be appointed.
12 EXPENSES Committee Members
  • shall be permitted to claim reasonable expenses incurred in the conduct of their duties. Claims must be supported by receipts and a signed statement.
  • shall be permitted to claim an annual allowance not exceeding 3 annual inland subscriptions to cover incidental expenditure not otherwise claimable.
Members holding more than one post may only claim one such allowance, and pro rata to their term of office if co-opted during the year.
The Treasurer shall have the right to reject or amend any claim for expenses judged to be unreasonable or excessive. The Officers shall have the ultimate authority to determine any dispute about Expenses.
13 AMENDMENTS to the RULES The Rules may be amended at a General meeting by Resolutions passed by a majority of members present, provided the Notice calling the Meeting includes the proposed amendment(s).
Proxy votes for or against proposal(s) may be deposited with the Secretary.
14 MATTERS NOT COVERED The Committee is empowered to decide all matters not specifically covered by the Rules, subject to confirmation at the next AGM.
15 COPIES of the RULES Each member shall be provided with a copy of the current Rules and Charter. Membership of the Group shall be deemed to be acceptance of the Rules.
16 SUSPENSION or EXPULSION The Committee is empowered to temporarily suspend or expel a member for conduct to the discredit of the Group, the next AGM to confirm or overrule the action. The member concerned shall have the right to attend the Meeting and present their case against suspension or expulsion.
17 MEMBERS CONDUCT Members are encouraged to publicise the Group, but any member misrepresenting the Group, or using its publications for other than their personal non-commercial benefit, will be liable to suspension under the above Rule. Any financial or other commitment entered into in misrepresentation of the Group will be the personal responsibility of the member(s) concerned.
18 WINDING-UP of the Group The Group may be wound up by a resolution of a majority of the members at a Meeting called for the purpose. Any assets of the Group remaining after settlement of debts shall be held by the Model Railway Club [MRC], together with the names and last-known addresses of members at the winding-up, against the establishment of either a reformed Group, or another organisation with comparable aims, as decided by the MRC in their absolute discretion.
Only the capital sum held shall be passed to the re-formed Group or similar organisation, together with the above-mentioned names and addresses. If no suitable organisation materialises within three years from the date of winding-up, the assets to pass irrevocably to the MRC