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CARLOS - Computer Aided Railway Layout Operating System

Updated 10 February 2000

A DOS based Program, written by MERG Founder Member, John Down for Designing and Operating a model railway control system using a PC. The system allows either partial or complete remote control of layout accessories such as points, signals, section switches etc. This makes such things as Interlocking and NX Route Selection relatively easy to implement, as it is all automatically controlled by the software. Similarly, layout modifications are also handled more easily than conventional Hard-Wired Interlocking systems.

The software communicates with the layout using the RPC System hardware designed by Gordon Hopkins.

Layout files can be created, saved & edited. The program has tools to cover three distinct functions:

  1. Layout Drawing using Drag-and-Drop items to define the layout arrangement. Such items as Track, Signals & Buttons can be used at will.
  2. Association where the drawn items are associated with their actual hardware controls.
  3. Operation where the created layout file is used to actually operate the layout. Various operating techniques may be used, such as NX Route Selection, conventional Signal Box levers etc.

To download a trial version of the software (revised 12 January 2000) choose from the following:

Users of Windows 98 may find that running carlos.exe is unsuccessful, in particular the mouse may not work. In these circumstances download this .zip file instead. To use format a floppy using the "copy system files" option then copy the contents of the .zip file to the floppy.  Boot up your system from the floppy and when you get the A:\ > prompt type "carlos".