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Other miscellaneous project resources

PCB Layout Software

Mike Bolton has provided these software tools from Protel which you can use to design small boards or to create high quality print outs from Mike's designs. This is packaged in two .zip files.

File contains the demo and is 2.3Mb.

File pcb2usr contains the manual and is 1.6Mb.

Alternatives you might like to try are:

  • DesignSpark PCB - a fully featured system provided free of charge by RS Components.
  • Free PCB - another free package for PCB layout but not yet including the schematic capture.
  • Eagle - the free edition or Light version is fully featured but is limited to small boards.


Basin Street Controller 19/4/99 (updated 18/2/00)

This controller by Mike Bolton was discussed on the MERG mailing list during April 1999

Split Potential Controller 11/6/99 (PDF added 7/7/99)

This controller by Chris Stanforth provides for single knob control and, of course the split potential system is particularly good for those wanting several controllers on a common return wiring system.

Route setting ideas

Chris Stanforth offered these ideas to the e-mail list and would be happy to get some feedback via the list from anyone interested.

First the outline sketch and then the main circuit. (01-Jul-99)

Interlocking suggestion

Click here for details on Colin Glenister's ideas for diode matrix interlocking