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MERG North East Area Group

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How do I contact the Area Group

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Who is the leader of the group?

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Colin Begg

Would you like to join today?

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Not a member? then

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How do you meet?

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Members in the North East are spread over a wide area and have found that Zoom video calls are proving a good way of keeping in touch and listening to some stimulating presentations and demonstrations from MERG members in all parts of the country.

And the Next Meeting?

19:00 11-AugNorth East Area Group Zoom MeetingShowing presentation "FCU for beginners"MERG Zoom Server

Previous meetings have included: -

19:00 07-JulNorth East Area Group Zoom MeetingWe're hoping to show the CANMIO Universal SoftwareMERG Zoom Server
19:00 09-JunNorth East AG June Zoom MeetingThis is the second Zoom meeting of the North East Area Group and we hope to have one or more presentation shownMERG Zoom Server

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