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MERG Yorkshire Area Group


To send us an email, use the MERG Area Group contact form
For MERG members, you might also like to look at our area group forum.


Peter Denton M2791

Bob Shanks  M5035


Dates for 2018 - 2019

Please note you don't have to be a electronic whizz kid, to attend, just interested is plenty good enough. If you don't understand it we will do our best to explain it so you can get something from coming along. If you want to come along then please let either Bob Shanks or myself know, our details are in the journal and we can look out for you. Despite what they say we are a friendly group and never bite and are surprising normal people who hopefully like you just want to enjoy your hobby and maybe get a little more out of it from an electronics point of view. Everybody has something they can bring to the party even if they don't realise it.

18 May 2019 Bedale Railway Station North Yorkshire. Confirmed Opportunity to ride the trains, and partake in a small talk on some aspect of electronics - kept simple, and also to have one of our fellow members tell of his trials to build a re-magnetising machine. then the normal open forum and try to get it working sessions.

20th July 2019
Confirmed Halifax - Bob G's house. Fraser Smith (Journal Editor) will be in attendance to deliver a short session on the journal and making PCB's. There may be a chance (weather permitting) to see Bobs G scale running about the shrubbery and the usual open forum and electronic type of chats.

21 September 2019 TO BE CONFIRMED A visit to the Severn Valley Railway near Kidderminster.

16 November 2019 TO BE CONFIRMED Another day out over the hills to another county to Visit Mr Fram, and the well known model railway he helps work on.

18th January 2020 Confirmed DCC Concepts Settle Station North Yorkshire A visit to DCC concepts shop on the grounds of Settle Station. A chance to see what they offer and most of the normal chats and open forums where no question is shied away from.

Dates are generally the third Saturdays of the odd numbered months

Please note these dates in your diary so that you don't miss out. Refreshments are always available but we do suggest “Don't forget your packed lunch!”


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